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Being with Fritz

The first time .. at APA in NYC in the fall of 1966, I was struck by his courage and lack of propriety. Here’s a person that is genuine, and not shy about stating his judgments. His lack of conformity was appealing to my tweed-jacketed – pipe smoking self. Shook up my professional persona, and motivated me to go to Esalen for his month-long in July, 1967.

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Fritz Perls and the Sixties

I worked intensively with Fritz Perls beginning with a month-long workshop at Esalen Institute in July 1967, and ending in March 1970 in New York City where he led his final workshop at my office. He died a few weeks later in Chicago.

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Truth Is

A grenade dropped through an open window
rolling across the floor before it explodes
shattering our illusions.

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Sky Horse

Sky Horse tells us without words
to mount,
and carries us to the peaks of light.

There, we see the Sun rise and set.
In the East, pink and gold illumination.
In the West, dull red sinks into blackness.
The dance of night and day.

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Riding – Reading

The rider is either ahead or behind me,
on this tree-lined, earthen avenue
that stretches to the horizon.

The hooves of our horses,
pounding, pounding.

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Our Story

Our Universe got the green light
and began with a big bang.
Cosmic dust coalesced and stars appeared.
Planets spun in timeless orbits
around their parent-suns.

On our planet life appeared.
Brains evolved in some species –
Pods at one end of a flexible stem.
Eons passed before creatures
crawled glistening out of primal muck,
gasping and scuttling,
climbing trees,
and finally walking on two feet.

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Sometimes a poem starts in my belly,
moves up to my heart and stays awhile –
then on to my throat,
and up and out of my mouth.

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Cosmic Home Furnishings

In my dream,
I said that the stars
seemed to be holding up the night.
Pin-pricks of light,
fastening the flowing, velvet sky
to the walls of the Universe.

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