Those who see... Both forest and tree... Nourish the spirit of HumanityI love metaphors, the lifeblood of poetry (see, I can’t help myself). Poems travel the road from the realm of intuition, visual imagery, and past connections to the screen on your computer or the page in your book. I hope you will enjoy these poems that I have written over many years. They may take you to both familiar and unfamiliar terrain.

Truth Is

A grenade dropped through an open window
rolling across the floor before it explodes
shattering our illusions.

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Sky Horse

Sky Horse tells us without words
to mount,
and carries us to the peaks of light.

There, we see the Sun rise and set.
In the East, pink and gold illumination.
In the West, dull red sinks into blackness.
The dance of night and day.

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Riding – Reading

The rider is either ahead or behind me,
on this tree-lined, earthen avenue
that stretches to the horizon.

The hooves of our horses,
pounding, pounding.

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Sometimes a poem starts in my belly,
moves up to my heart and stays awhile –
then on to my throat,
and up and out of my mouth.

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Cosmic Home Furnishings

In my dream,
I said that the stars
seemed to be holding up the night.
Pin-pricks of light,
fastening the flowing, velvet sky
to the walls of the Universe.

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We each can our own jailor be,
or give a rose
to make us free.
A rose that glows eternally,
A rose that’s named Compassion.

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The Burnt Child

Accidents do happen.
The burning liquid spewing out of
the tipped coffee urn,
scorching the toddler’s body.

Days later,
his life a living hell,
he stands in his crib, rattles the bars,
and raises a scream to the world and to God.
Over and over again.
“Jesus Fucking Christ”
is his howled mantra.

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On Aging and Renewing

The cup floating in the limitless ocean fills,
then sinks soundlessly.

The tree stretches its leafy crown,
decade by decade,
up to glory.

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