F.I.R.E. : An Acronym for a Growthful Relationship

F is for Fulfilling
I is for Inspiring
R is for Reparative
E is for Educational

Fulfilling: Having the sense that a valuable part of yourself is being received and appreciated by the other, and that you receive something of value to you from the other.

Inspiring: Feeling inspired by the other, and having a sense that you are inspiring them as well.

Reparative: A sense that the relationship is mending old
hurts and providing what earlier ones did not.

There is a learning quality to the relationship,
be it in terms of knowledge or emotional deepening.

The four elements of F.I.R.E. can serve as a guide for assessing relationships that you are presently engaged in, as well as ones to come.

If none of them are ever present, I would take it as a bad sign. If all of them are often present then you are indeed fortunate.