Sky Horse

Sky Horse tells us without words
to mount,
and carries us to the peaks of light.

There, we see the Sun rise and set.
In the East, pink and gold illumination.
In the West, dull red sinks into blackness.
The dance of night and day.

Here, on this peak,
let’s plant our banner.
Hear it snap, snap, snap in the wind.
Pink, red, and gold light
bathe its silken surface.

Our banner is the deep green of our Mother Earth,
and the fiery gold of our Father Sun,
and blue…blue as Aphrodite’s sea-sky eyes.

There below us, the other peaks.
Shasta, Sinai, Fuji, Kilimanjaro.
Other banners snapping and glinting in the Wind God’s dance.

Now, let’s rest.
Feel your feet, your breath.
Breathe in all that you see.
Breathe out all that you vision.

Sky Horse thrusts its soft muzzle against my side.
Time to move on.

We have seen the topmost peaks, the day/night dance, the banners flapping.
What else is there?

He stands and waits and gives no answer.
Save the tremors of excitement running along his ebony flanks,
like lightning breaking through night’s dark immensity.